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Who has ever gone out for “customer hunting”? Tired of physically promoting your business around with no results? Would you like to apply automated targeting based on location, time and customer?

This is the new Geo-Marketing reality; an emergent technique that delivers personalized notifications in the right place and at the right time.

The new Geo-Marketing basics:

Geo-Marketing takes advantage of the smartphones positioning capabilities, customer preferences and our knowledge of them to deliver the appropriate selling messages and advices.

Your organization will decide zones and areas of interest, detection mechanisms, delivery times, notification frequency, messages delivered, etc. A typical pattern for this process is:

  1. Information is set, or updated, by your organization. This includes: zones and areas of interest, messages to be received by users, configuration parameters, etc.
  2. The content is delivered to the users devices on background, following the defined “dynamic content” policy managed by the mobile application.
  3. Users will benefit from:
    • Receiving customized contextual notifications: i.e. if walking near a point of interest (commerce, museum, restaurant, …) when it is open.
    • Obtain special promotions or personalized discount coupons.
    • View detailed information related to the commerce, products, view location in a map, get navigation instructions to get there, etc.

A good practice is to allow users to configure their notification preferences and interests, allowing them to enable/disable notifications, set timings, ... They will gain confidence with the application and notifications received.

Advantages for your organization:

  • You will have a new channel to provide personalized marketing to customers at the right place at the right time.
  • Users preferences will allow you to segment customers delivering the right notifications.
  • Users feedback will allow you to improve your business, receiving suggestions, complaints, ratings, likes, etc.
  • Direct control of the whole process, allowing you to manage all marketing content and system parameters on-line.
  • Better branding recognition as an innovative organization

Technology behind Geo-Marketing:

This innovative solution takes advantage of latest and new emerging technologies. The most common ones used for Geo-Marketing are:

Geo-Fences: based on selected geographical areas or locations, when a user enters that area a notification is received in his device. Areas can be:

A single coordinate adding a radius.

Several coordinates identifying an area.

  • Geo-Fences: requires the use of the device GPS, WLAN or GSM services to identify the current position. This technology is currently supported by iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems.
  • Beacons: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices sending an ID to be received by users approaching the device.
  • NFC: Devices including Near Field Communication chip are increasing, but the recognition range is limited to 20 cm.
  • Ultrasonic sound: a sound with a specific frequency is emitted; the device will identify the location associated to that frequency.
  • RFID: Radio-frequency identification, devices will identify the source signal identified source and location.


Geo-Marketing is now a reality. Approaching customers with perfect timing and message will improve their perception giving value to our marketing campaigns.

Interested on a Geo-marketing Solution?

Contact Innofis or wait for our next article on these series describing some practical cases.


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