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Your coupons always available where you really need them: at the point of sale.

The Coupons Kiosk, known by consumers as “The Coupons Machine”, is an easy-to-use interactive kiosk placed at the entrance of supermarkets that delivers personalized coupons to consumers according to their shopping habits.


5% extra-sales per store

Thanks to the Coupons Kiosk we can deliver more relevant and interesting offers to the consumers, based on their shopping habits. By doing so, the consumer can take more advantage of the discount coupons, save money and increase loyalty. The results: each supermarket with the coupons kiosk can increase sales by 5% and coupon redemption rate jumps x4 compared to the average redemption rate of other promotional channels.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Thanks to the Coupons Kiosk, consumers receive more and better promotions adapted to their shopping habits. Consumers can enjoy savings every time they go to their store. The coupons kiosk delivers the right promotions to the right consumer at the right moment (the point of sale). An excellent tool to enhance their loyalty.


Easy, fast and convenient

Consumers just need to identify themselves with their retailer’s loyalty card, select the coupons that they want and they will be printed automatically. An intuitive user interface that helps the consumer to get the coupons very quickly.

The Coupons Kiosk offers a triple benefit for retailers, manufacturers and consumers

Benefits for Retailers

  • Consumers using the Coupons Machine increase their average expense by 5%
  • Coupon redemption rate multiplies by x4.
  • Improve Customer loyalty.
  • Image differentiation and new shopping experience.
  • Additional revenue exceeds the implementation costs.
  • No integration with IT systems required

Benefits for Manufacturers

  • Personalized marketing: personalized promotions based on shopping habits.
  • More efficient promotions.
  • Higher coupon redemption when delivering them just before the purchase.
  • Direct personalized advertisement with images just before the purchase.
  • Monthly statistics and detailed reports of each promotional campaign.
  • It reduces competitors tension thanks to discounts privacy.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Save money in each purchase when using the discount coupons of the Coupons Kiosk.
  • Discount coupons always available. Coupons never get lost, expired or forgotten.
  • Freedom of choice of the personalized promotions.
  • Personalized experience for consumers when they identify themselves at the coupons kiosk.

The solution consists of the following elements


Robust, durable and catching-the-eye kiosk housing.


High resolution screen with high responsive time for heavy-use public environments.


For quick barcode and QR codes scanning. It can also read cell phone screens.


Print a huge amount of coupons with the kiosk thermal printer without facing any problem.


Manage promotions and digital channels with the Innofis Retail Cloud Loyalty Platform.


The Platform provides you with statistics about digital channel use, user navigation and coupon visualization and printing.


Clear user interface design and navigation structure. Initial Menu with different options based on the requested functionalities. Touch one coupon and it will be printed automatically.


The kiosk can deliver also product launching offers, coupons from other stores, recipes with coupons, print personalized shopping lists and a lot more.