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Make your consumers feel special about your Brand. Give them the recognition that they deserve and get closer to them making them interact with your brand, using points to get rewards, gifts, special discounts and much more.

Interactive Games

Your consumers will have the opportunity to play some online games. Engage them with distractions and time to interact with your brand through interactive games, lotteries, raffles and instant win promotions. Let them see that there is a whole world connected to your brand besides your products. Make them feel part of your brand, and identify to your values, message and products.

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Coupons are discount tickets that can be redeemed, and that consumers can get by exchanging their points.

Consumers can download coupons through the web using obtained points. They can print coupons and redeem them in supermarkets or stores, or upload them to the supermarket's web in order to get direct discounts. Coupons can also get downloaded though your brand’s mobile application, or through a kiosk.

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Products Catalog

A catalog where your clients can see all your available products, compare them and get all the relevant information about each product of your brand.

Manage your own product catalog with this loyalty platform. You can include all the information that you consider as images, descriptions, product details and more.

Platform | Rewards | Products Catalog