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How have you typically found websites you have visited? Probably mainly using common search engines and then through social networking sites. Then, in how many of them did you end buying some product?

Social Media are more than a way to be present, they are a complete part of Digital Marketing Strategy.

Drive the prospect to your brand: a strategy adapted to the moment in which the customer is stepping in

Our prospect is online and having daily common activities: checking personal emails, social network updates, looking for specific information.
¿Not buying?
The prospect is checking social network updates or reading news? Social campaigns adapted to not buying prospect would focus on display advertisements campaign. They should be segmented on your already known customers’ characteristics to reduce campaign budget and increase campaign results. Focus on parameters such as geography, age range target or interests and behaviour. To avoid negative impact on brands perception, the advertisements should be displayed on sites which contents respect brands safety.
Reach lookalike prospects through marketing email to third party database. Targeted third party database can provide additional opportunities to convert prospect to customer.
The prospect is looking for product information? Search results promoted advertisements would ensure good positioning of your brand. Brand positioning key words should be previously carefully defined to ensure the accuracy of the campaign.
¿Lost an opportunity?
Be able to detect that the prospect has been closed to buy your product and changed his mind. The sooner you react, the more effective the action. Direct and personalized communication with the prospect like remarketing email is a great lever to offer him specific and adapted offer that would convince him to complete the buying.
For all of them, tune your brand engagement: empower people.
Emotional levers are more effective than rational ones. Nowadays, people trust in opinions. Make your site social with rich content program and allowing sharing, commenting, rating. Be present in social networks: create user-generated-content initiatives, reward active and loyal social users, promote posts.

… and be sure you benefit from it

From paid media to content manager, social campaigns are requiring a dedicated budget. As well as customers’ segments are clearly defined to establish target campaign, performance KPIs and analytical data must support ROI evaluation and strategy refining:
•    Advertisement campaigns: control the visibility of the campaigns and conversion rates
•    Monitor web-site performance: track customer activity to detect behaviours (transaction tracking, analytics web data, …)
•    Collect more data to analyse campaigns’ impact on your business: offline data (market studies…), online data (cookies, pixels...)
Collecting information with Social Media Intelligence is another source of improvement. Besides of detecting and reacting to media crisis, Social Media Intelligence allows discovering new customer segment or support R&D with new ideas.

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